Our Visions and Values

Prosperity for People– To protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda, we strongly believe that it is necessary to facilitate nomad and rural people with emerging technologies. In this regard, the main goal of research group for wireless networks-based intelligent applications (Winiapp) is to improve the quality of life in rural areas by designing and developing wireless networks and data-driven smart applications. Respect and Ethics – Following ethical principles, we offer a clear view of our research through our publications and provide a free-accessible customized dataset for others’ future research. Moreover, Winiapp clearly shares the product design and implementations with various investors and entrepreneurs. Cooperation and Collaboration – To promote teamwork, we respect different opinions, heavy discussion,  and creativity of our team members.  In addition to this, we have remote members working online with us. More importantly, we are passionate about international cooperation on our mission.  Hence, we do our best to have progressive collaboration with different research groups around the globe.