Training Classes and Bootcamps

Winiapp provides several training classes and also bootcamps as follows:

  • Wireless network design procedures:

Wireless link characteristics

Access point planning and coverage enhancement

Wireless network optimization

Techniques to guarantee ultra-reliable, low-latency , and security

Wireless network monitoring and management

Emerging wireless network: zigbee, LoRa, 5G and beyond

  • Machine learning projects based on neural networks and deep learning tools

Introduction to deep learning

Structuring deep learning-based project

Convolutional neural network models

Sequential neural network models

Hands-on machine learning project

  • Industrial IoT Markets and Security:

Market overview and Industry 4.0

Top application areas of IoT-based real-time operating systems in industries

Wireless access networking and protocols in industries

Attack models and challenges in wireless networks

Security enhancement in existing industrial wireless networks

Platforms and services of Indusial IoT

  • Bootcamps covering IoT specialization:

IoT device

IoT wireless access and networking

IoT platform and cloud computing

IoT Security

  • Bootcamps covering IoT device:

The Arduino Platform and C Programming

Interfacing with the Arduino

The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming

Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi

Implementing an IoT project

Moreover, Winiapp can develop specific content classes or bootcamps following the needs of industries or universities.