Forest and Wild Fire Monitoring Solution Based on IoT Technology

  • Winiapp provides low-cost IoT-based Forest and Wild Fire Monitoring  system to save the remote forest from fire


  • Forest is one of the main sources of living organisms. However, forest fire could be creating most serious threat to wild animals. The main consideration of our proposed solution is to detect wildfires in advance and protect forest resources. Winiapp has proposed a smart forest monitoring system to avoid wildfire by monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, and fires. In this regard, Winiapp members have designed IoT devices, long-range wireless access network, and mobile application to gather forest data for foresters.


  • We have successfully implemented this system at Mongasht mountain range, Zagros Mountains, near Malagha village, Ghaletol city  Khuzestan province, Iran. And currently, the foresters at Ghaletol city are monitoring the forest conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality in a real-time and online manner. Specially, in a case of wildfire detection, the location of wildfire is informed to the foresters.