IoT-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System for Smart Village

  • Winiappprovides low-cost IoT-based indoor air quality monitoring system to address the need for enhancing living environmentstoward sustainable smart village.
  • This system includes low power and long range (LoRa) wireless access networks, IoT platforms, and mobile applications.  The wireless end nodes, which are equipped with sensors including temperature, humidity, pressure, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and CO , are deployed across the critical buildings such as school, health house, warehouse. Following our system, the air quality parameters are sent to the IoT platform at the server.
  • The IoT platform represents gathered data using different online plots. These data representations can also be seen using mobile applications by people living at that village, owners of that buildings, and also firemen working at fire station. So, the firemen and users can remotely monitor critical parameters of the critical buildings.
  • Since there is only one fire station with limited resource at the rural areas and villages, monitoring air quality of critical buildings is very important to prevent deadly distaste.
  • We have successfully implemented this system at Ghaletol town and rural area around this town, Khuzestan, Iran. And currently, the firemen at Ghaletol sity are monitoring the critical building air quality in real-time manner.