Smart Greenhouse System for Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Areas

Winiapp provides low-cost and high reliable IoT-based smart greenhouse systems to address the need for farmers  toward sustainable agriculture in rural areas.

This system includes low power and long range (LoRa) wireless networks, IoT platforms, and mobile applications.  The wireless end nodes, which are equipped with sensors, are deployed across the greenhouse. Following greenhouse crops, customized sensors can be used. The end LoRa nodes communicate with LoRa gateways, and then LoRa gateways send data over cellular links to the IoT platform at the server.  The LoRa network nodes are low cost and low power devices that can be recharged using a power bank. Moreover, the implemented LoRa network has enough wide  coverage.

The IoT platform represents gathered data using different plots. These data representations can also be seen using mobile applications by farmers. So, the farmers can remotely monitor critical parameters of their greenhouse. Moreover, these farmers can cooperate by sharing their experience with customized crop cultivation throughout this application. Beside these, an expert such as a greenhouse or agricultural engineer can analyze gathered data on the server and send the notifications to the farmers over a mobile application to improve the efficiency of the green house. Due to this knowledge sharing, they will be on the road to sustainable agriculture.

We have successfully implemented this system. And currently, we are gathering data. In the future, our goal is to substitute the expert with an artificial intelligent algorithm to predict and send the notifications automatically.